Premium Double-Hung Windows From Top Manufacturer

Double-Hung Windows

A double-hung window has two functional sashes on either side that slide up and down, meaning the window can open from the top or bottom. The sashes slide along tracks hidden inside the window frame and remain in position with friction or springs. Double-hung windows are available in many styles, and they give a home a visually pleasing traditional aesthetic.

As a leading residential window manufacturing company, Morfe Windows is the best choice for custom double-hung windows. Whether you need replacement windows to improve your home’s curb appeal or need double-hung windows for a new house, you will find many exceptional design options and many customizable features with our company.

Double-Hung Window Options

A window cleaning project becomes much easier with double-hung windows because of a tilting sash. Tilting sashes allows you to safely clean the window exterior from the inside of your home without a ladder.

Double-hung windows from Morfe Windows are energy-efficient. We manufacture fusion-welding frames and our signature Low-E glass in our advanced facility to minimize air drafts and heat loss. The windows also include balanced sashes, allowing the window to remain in any position.

Screens are a must with double-hung windows because of the vertically-moving sashes, so you can let air flow throughout your home without letting in insects or debris or incurring additional cooling costs.

Unlike wood windows, vinyl windows from Morfe Windows are low maintenance because they never rot and will not need paint. We build them to last.

Who We Are

Morfe Windows has a reputation as a leading manufacturer for double-hung windows for a good reason. We build custom windows in our state-of-the-art facility. Our expert craftsmanship is evident in every window project we assist with because we develop our products from start to finish.

We manufacture custom double-hung windows within 21 to 30 days at reasonable prices. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, so we offer transferable Limited Lifetime Warranties on our products.