Picture Windows

Why Choose a Picture Window?

Picture windows are wider and have lower frames than conventional windows, allowing for an expansive unobstructed view. A picture window can frame an expansive view of a backyard, lakefront, or another visually engaging scene. Replacement of a conventional window with a picture window adds light into the room.

Operable Windows

Frames support the windows’ picture panels. Some picture windows are operable, meaning that you can move the windows’ picture panes to let in air and make it easier to clean the glass.

Fixed Windows

Fixed picture windows are not operable. This reduces cost and increases energy efficiency because they are better at keeping out drafts.

Custom Styles

Morfe Windows offers a range of window options to customize your picture window. Windows in custom sizes and shapes control the framing of the scene to create a perfect view.


Buyers can choose from various window styles, including rectangular, oval, half-moon, arched, and other custom shapes to match your décor.


Buyers can customize the interior and exterior colors, including natural wood stained in various shades.

More Options

Frame Material

Ornate frame materials that accentuate the interior design and the exterior landscape.


Picture windows are available with frosted glass to provide privacy, but curtains can protect privacy while still letting in natural light and preserving the expansive views.

Picture windows can also have impact-resistant glass, which could be important in a neighborhood with many birds or children at play.

Choosing the Perfect Style

Before buying new or replacement windows, it is essential to consider the entire product line of picture windows and doors to discover which combination of features goes best with the exterior landscape.





Create a Custom View

The size, shape, color, and design of any installation should take into account the lighting of the room, the colors and features of the outside view, and how the aspects of the scene interact to create an overall visual effect.

Frame the Scene

A vivid frame or unusual shape allows the windows’ picture frame to draw attention to trees, gardens, and other features of the scene that complement the rooms’ design scheme.

Combining A Picture Window and Patio Doors

Picture windows work well in conjunction with patio doors, as both will let in more light than a window alone. A combination of windows and doors can create an open, bright viewing space that presents the picture window’s landscape in the best possible light.

Replacement Windows

Homeowners with traditional windows or aging picture windows can improve their home value and aesthetics by installing replacement windows. They can add natural light to a larger home renovation project, such as an open concept living area or kitchen.

Choosing Morfe Windows

Morfe Windows is a professional window installation and replacement company that installs energy-efficient windows and doors in the Moutain Pine, AR area. To explore our product line of energy-efficient picture window and door options and view our selections of doors, contact us at 855-998-4936.